Hey, Innisfil? What Do You Think?

Everybody has their own idea of what they would like their community to be. But few of us feel we have the ability to affect the decisions that shape our town. This blog is an attempt to change all that by starting a discussion with our neighbours about the future of the Town of Innisfil, what we like, what we’d like to change, what needs to be improved and what we love about this place.  With any luck, we can create an online community that is more active and aware about issues that affect our daily lives.

And every Innisfil resident is invited to participate. Here’s how. A key part of this blog will include an online survey where residents can share their views periodically on current issues and ideas. Responses will be tabulated and the topline results will be published here to inform, to educate and to debate. To be successful, it all depends on you … To visit, to read, to respond and to share your ideas and opinions!

Here are some of the topics I plan to write about:

  • Transportation – how can we create a viable and sustainable urban transportation service within Innisfil? Would you use it? What would you pay?
  • Urbanization – Alcona is getting a make-over and Innisfil Beach Road will eventually be lined with a new commercial district. What stores and services would you like to have available? Where do you shop now?
  • Agriculture – Does Innisfil need a food policy? With Barrie and Innisfil continuing to sprout new subdivisions, is there a future for agriculture in Innisfil? Can city and country live together?
  • Commuting – there is renewed talk about creating road tolls, fee-for-access express lanes, plans to add 2 more lanes to Highway 400 and gas prices just jumped 6 to 8 cents with the HST. How does this affect you?
  • Telework – Thousands of commuters avoided Toronto during the G20?  Were you one of them? Did you work at home? Could you work at home electronically on a regular basis if you had your employer’s cooperation?

The Blogger

So, who is behind “Our Innisfil”? I’ve been a resident of Innisfil for 14 years and watched it grow from about 10,000 to more than 30,000. I’m making use of my experience in market research to gather and analyze public opinions. I have no affiliation to any interest group. Any bias expressed here is entirely my own and I gladly acknowledge that I am keenly interested in sustainability, renewable energy, Smart Growth, and urban agriculture to name a few. You’ll find links to some related sites on this blog.

The “fine print”

Each survey posted on this blog is anonymous but includes some background questions such as age group and gender . Why? Because the total response should reflect the make-up of the community (age, gender, etc.) to be representative of it.  Knowing a little bit about the background of participants helps to determine whether or not it is. All information is combined in total and is used only for the purpose of this blog. However, some individual comments may be quoted.

Let’s Get Started …

I hope you’re interested in sharing your thoughts and ideas. You’re invited to post your comments to this or any future article. Please invite your friends to visit this site too. Click now on the link here to rate Innisfil on its effectiveness in implementing Smart Growth.