Learning Curves and Growing Pains

It was my intention, when I started this blog, to make it a forum for all those who want to share ideas and express opinions. So, I was upset to discover that I inadvertently left settings that made it impossible to post comments. This is my first foray into blogging so I’m trying to learn the ropes (and buttons and check boxes) as I go along. Now, with some rejigging and any luck, anyone should be able to post a comment by typing it in and hitting ‘submit’.

So far, only a small number of people were affected. If I’m successful in catching your attention, you’ll want to share this site with others and we may see a real community develop. I hope that over time there will be additional pages here that reflect the interests and ideas of Innisfil residents.

You may have noticed my tinkering with the side-bar list of links to other web sites of interest and the initial ‘archive’ of earlier posts. Feel free to suggest other sites that should be included.