The Slow Home. How Slow Is Yours?

I’ve heard of the Slow Movement, Slow Food and Slow Living. When I saw a recent article about the Slow Home, I wanted to know more. It turns out that two Calgary architects have applied the same underlying principles of the slow philosophy to home design. Like fast food, fast houses can be light on quality. As they describe it on their web site:

“Over 60% of houses are badly designed. When the fundamentals are wrong, even houses that look good on the surface can have a big environmental footprint and be difficult to live in. It’s time to become a little more streetwise about residential design.”

They have invited the public to help evaluate new home designs in nine North American cities in nine months.

Their web site,, includes a quick Slow Home Test to assess how ‘slow’ any home is and includes a scoring guide to evaluate the quality of any home design. It’s intended to help home buyers choose the best house design for their needs. I decided to try out the test on my older home. It ranked “Moderately Fast” and according to the notes accompanying the test, “a major remodel may improve the character of the underlying fundamental design”. True. I have lots of dream projects!

With so many new homes being built in Innisfil, this may be a helpful and informative tool for anyone building homes, and for anyone shopping for one here.