Smart Growth – All in Favour?

Environmental Defense, which has been a vocal advocate for environmental protection and a vigorous opponent of developments like Big Bay Point, has posted the results of a survey it circulated to municipal election candidates in Simcoe County. (

The survey asked if the respondent was in favour of some specific policies. Here’s a look at some of the questions:

Do you support growing the Greenbelt within your municipality and/or strengthening support for Greenbelt protection in your municipality?

Do you support concentrating development within your municipality’s existing urban boundary, while limiting further urban expansion into farmlands or greenfields?

Do you support urban planning that would facilitate enhanced infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians, an efficient public transit system, increased funding for public transit and/or improving links to regional public transit systems?

Given the need to reduce Ontario’s contribution to climate change and foster the creation green jobs through investment in the green energy economy, will you support the removal of local barriers to facilitate the development of renewable energy projects in your community?

  • Mayoral candidate, Barb Baguley, agreed to all of the questions. Her opponent, Gord Wauchope did not complete the survey
  • Deputy-Mayoral candidate, Dan Davidson, agreed to all of the questions. His opponent, Bill Van Berkel did not complete the survey.
  • Of 9 other Innisfil candidates who responded, all of them answered ‘Yes’ to all of the questions.

Although 11 Innisfil candidates say they are in agreement with these statements, Innisfil planning appears to have conflicted with these aims in the past. You have an opportunity to rate how well Innisfil has implemented Smart Growth in the past 4 years by completing the survey listed in the sidebar: “Rate Innisfil for Smart Growth”.