A Pause that Refreshes?

After four months of blogging it’s time to review, reflect and revise. First, the good news. This site has attracted more than 550 individual ‘views’ of articles to the end of October. I think this is something of an accomplishment for a personal project that is very much a part-time effort without any publicity, promotion or financial support.

  • In reality though, my guess is that only a handful of people have been returning regularly. (No, I can’t identify any visitors – your anonymity is assured unless you choose to subscribe). The lack of participation is a disappointment.
  • I had hoped initial visitors would be interested enough to share this site with friends and neighbours. But that type of word-of-mouth, (or should I say word-of-web) hasn’t materialized.
  • I also expected that reader comments would help direct the discussion. Instead, I’ve been left to choose the content and direction entirely. No one has ventured to ‘rate’ any article with a ‘yea’ or ‘nay’, and almost no one has been inspired to leave a comment, either positive or negative. If you would like me to write about a particular topic relevant to Innisfil, let me know with a comment or an email (ourinnisfil@rogers.com).

So far, I remain a ‘party of one’. I’m going to continue blogging about local issues and events regardless. But I have had the benefit of some candid feedback to the effect that I have been, at times, ‘too wordy’ and the site may appear ‘too complicated’.  This blog will make a transition once again, to a new format to try and make it more interesting:

Anonymous or Not?

Many blogs start out with an anonymous blogger. I chose that option because I felt that the ‘real story’ was Innisfil. Aside from being a concerned resident, I didn’t think my personal background was relevant. After all, I welcome comment from everyone in Innisfil without requiring any introductions. However, that has made it potentially possible for some people to speculate that this blog might be associated with an un-named organization or someone with a hidden agenda.  My only agenda was described in my first post (click on “Introduction” to read it.) So the new look will include a brief profile identifying me as the author of this blog.  I hope this will address any potential misgivings about the author.

New Headers for Topics

Previous posts are organized under various topics. Now that I have a larger archive of older posts, I will be arranging them under new headings to try and make the content more obvious.

Story Summaries

Instead of posting a new entry in its entirety, an introductory paragraph is shown with the option to click and “continue reading”. Comments can be contributed or read at the end of the full article. This gives visitors a chance to skim through the introduction to older articles that may have been missed and click on the ones that are of interest.

Community Surveys

My original intention was to have visitors participate in community surveys so that the information could be shared here for the benefit of the whole community (residents, businesses and government) and stimulate discussion and inspire action. A lack of awareness and participation has put that idea on hold indefinitely. The initial survey has been removed. Instead, send me an email at “ourinnisfil@rogers.com” if you’d like to participate in some community surveys in the future.  If there are enough willing residents, I’ll launch a new community survey, probably in the new year, with their help.

If you’ve happened to find this blog you’re invited to read, comment, rate and share. After all, it’s ‘Our Innisfil’ …



2 thoughts on “A Pause that Refreshes?

  1. Hang in there… Rome was not built in a day. I have great faith in the expression, “Build it and they will come”.
    It takes time to build – something I know a little about.
    You are doing a good thing, here.

    • Thanks for the encouragement. I’m working on some new stories and browsing the templates for a new look. Readers, please ‘hang in there’ with me and watch for more articles.

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