Readers’ Top 5 Articles of 2010

This blog, Our Innisfil, achieved 1,000 total views in the first week of January, about 6 months after I began this project. Overall, the note, “About this Blog”, was the second most-viewed page. No surprise there. I expected readers to be curious about who was writing this. The 5 most popular articles of 2010 on this blog in descending order were:

My suggestion for a seasonal pedicab service as an alternative to conventional transit sparked the most curiosity

A discussion of the provisions in Ontario’s Places to Grow legislation. Residents may be searching for a better understanding of the Act and what our options are.

An invitation to participate in the Inspiring Innisfil 2020 planning process. Some of this readership was directed to the blog from the consultant’s web page

A discussion of some unconventional alternatives to transit such as car sharing and working from home

A discussion of the current state of agriculture in Simcoe County, how it is threatened by development, and suggestions for protecting it.