Lefroy Begins Preparing for 1,175 New Households

The Town Council has approved a Secondary Plan and plans of subdivision for Lefroy (LSAMI P1, P2, and P4) that will enable the eventual construction of 1,175 new homes, enlarging the existing settlement to the north, south and west. A remaining plan (P3) for 209 units may also be considered at a later date.

Lefroy Subdivision Plans LSAMI P1, P2, P3 and P4

(reference: Town of Innisfil Subdivision Inventory Map)

The next step involves developing Lefroy Community Urban Design Guidelines and conducting a public consultation process. The guidelines will address items such as neighbourhoods, transition zones, core area, transportation, natural lands and open spaces as well as residential infill and commercial development.

Town staff have recommended that an advisory committee be formed which would include 2 business and 2 resident members as well as councillors. This is an opportunity for local residents to have a voice in the way their neighbourhood develops and grows in the coming years.  Councillor Dollin recommended that the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority also be invited to the committee.

While the guidelines will address the “design and architectural control” of subdivisions, it would be interesting to include guidelines for sustainable development and seek expert opinion on that aspect as well.