It’s National Work from Home Day

Workopolis, the job search web site is promoting today, June 1, as National Work From Home Day.It deserves our attention because of the high proportion (82%) of Innisfil residents who are commuters. Our top destinations are Barrie, Toronto, Newmarket and Vaughn. The Inspiring Innisfil 2020 strategic plan recommends support for more home-based businesses. One of the quickest ways of creating local employment may be to negotiate with your current employer to work at home one or more days per week.

Innisfil Labour Force by Occupation, 2010

Many of us work with computers and other electronic tools that enable us to work remotely from any location. I know of someone working for a major insurance company who was offered the opportunity to work at home one day a week. This has now expanded to three days a week. The employee is happier and more productive, the schedule is more flexible, and apparently the employer is satisfied enough to provide a merit increase in pay. The environment benefits too from less congestion, fewer carbon emissions and cleaner air. We benefit from less stress and fatigue and potentially fewer traffic accidents and injuries.

I used to work in a Toronto office where telework was not allowed, except during inclement winter weather. I travelled 85 km. to an office where email was the usual means of internal communication.  The irony of commuting hours a day to sit at a desk and send emails to colleagues sitting 20 or 30 feet away wasn’t lost on me. Is that your experience too?

Workopolis provides some resources online to learn more about the benefits of working from home. They have started an online petition (on Facebook) to lobby for legislative support for telework. If you approach your employer about working from home, or if you already work remotely from home, share your experience in a comment below. For more information about working from home, click on these links:

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