Alcona North and Alcona South Secondary Plans

An Open House was held recently to allow public comment on the draft Secondary Plans for Alcona North and Alcona South expansion areas. This is part of a process working toward Council approval of a final plan expected in the fall of this year after a required Public Meeting. I’m posting an overview and maps for those who may not have had an opportunity to attend the Open House.

Alcona North Secondary Plan includes land east of the 20th Sideroad and extending north to the Ninth Line.

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Alcona South Secondary Plan extends east from the 20th Sideroad and south beyond the Sixth Line.

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Development within each of these areas would include residential Low Density and Medium Density housing; Neighbourhood Commercial space; Commercial / Mixed use space combining residential, commercial and or live/work uses; and Highway Commercial for uses such as service stations, garages, auto sales, restaurants, motels.

Here’s an explanation of some of the terminology:

Residential Low Density 1

Single detached dwellings, maximum 12.5 units / net hectare; maximum 2 storeys

Residential Low Density 2

Single detached dwellings; semi-detached, duplex dwellings maximum 12.5 – 25 units / net hectare; maximum 2 storeys

Residential Medium Density

Semi-detached, street townhouse, stacked townhouse dwellings; low rise apartments; single detached units are no more than 25% of the total; 25 – 40 units / net hectare

Maximum 2.5 storeys for street townhouses; maximum 3.5 stories for stacked townhouses

Neighbourhood Commercial

Grocery stores, convenience retail, restaurants, personal services, pharmacies, health care clinics and offices; maximum 3 storeys; lie/work & residential on upper floors

Neighbourhood Parks

About 2 hectares – may include soccer field, baseball diamond, tennis court, playground

Parkette, 0.25 to 0.5 hectare – may include playgrounds and seating

For Further Study

The Secondary Plan report recommends several additional studies including a Tree Preservation study to incorporate existing trees into new development; Archaeological Study (required for approval); and a Noise & Vibration Study required adjacent to the 20th Sideroad, the GO Rail line and commercial and industrial designations

Environmental Considerations

  • Protected areas receive a 30 metre vegetation buffer ; protected areas include: provincially significant wetlands; streams; significant woodlands; significant valley lands; significant wildlife habitat

Agricultural Considerations

  • The plan recommends locating industrial and commercial uses instead of residential in the northwest corners of the North & South Alcona areas because of the proximity to barns.
  • Boundary roads adjacent to agricultural lands should be designed to accommodate large farm vehicles (i.e. paved shoulders, signage)
  • Prospective buyers should be notified of potential impacts of agricultural lands on neighbouring residential lands
  • Visual barriers such as trees should be provided between urban and agricultural areas

Transportation Considerations

  • The report concludes that the proposed collector network is sufficient for forecasted demand
  • The Town’s road network will require widening of “many” roads from two lanes to four lanes
Next Steps
  • develop a Secondary Plan for each area
  • hold a statuatory public meeting
  • present to Council, Fall 2011