Meet Transition Innisfil at the Farmers’ Market

The Transition Initiative dates back to 2005. It began with one person, Rob Hopkins in Kinsale, Ireland and Totnes, England. Since then it has grown to almost 400 registered Transition communities around the world. Readers of this blog will have seen Transition Barrie included in the Links page. Many other communities are working toward joining.

A small band of people, including myself, has decided that Innisfil could benefit by joining the Transition Initiative as well. This Thursday (august 11), Transition Innisfil will be represented at the Innisfil Farmers’ Market. Organizers of this group will be on hand to meet residents and explain what the organization is about and what it hopes to achieve.

The Transition Initiative is foremost a local, community driven effort. It seeks to secure a better quality of life for ourselves and future generations confronted by costly energy, climate chaos and economic instability. The goal is to build community resilience against these shocks as it makes a transition away from a carbon-based economy.

Learning from the experience of others around the globe, Transition members can choose and organize projects suited to their community. Please drop by the Farmers’ Market between 2 and 7 Thursday to chat and learn more or email:

Barrie: Transition Barrie

International: Transition Network