The First Time-of-Use Electric Billing

I noticed an envelope in the mail the other day with that tell-tale lightning bolt logo from Innisfil Hydro. I opened it feeling a little anxiety, expecting perhaps to get a small jolt from the first monthly time-of-use billing.

But I got the kind of surprise that makes you smile. In fact, the daily household usage dropped by one kilowatt hour per day and the total bill with all taxes and charges was almost five dollars less than the same period last year even though this bill covered 31 days compared to 30 days a year ago. Now I’m just trying to figure out why.

It has been a hot humid summer – no air conditioning but the ceiling fans run most of the time. No hot showers and the hot water tank re-circulates less frequently. We do cook a lot outside in the summer. But I think the real difference so far is due to the laundry, which has been hung outside to dry except when it’s raining.

How different is my experience from yours? What difference did time-of-use make to your bill? Post a comment below.

The real impact of time-of-use billing will be more evident to me in the late fall when the furnace starts to kick in, the hot water tank circulates more often and the laundry is put into the dryer. Check back in a few months for an update.