(More) Change Ahead

We’ve all heard the description of how difficult it is to change the direction of a large ship. Lately a similar comparison could be made concerning the efforts over the last couple of months to steer the good ship, M.C. Innisfil, in a new direction  – while completing a significant crew change at the same time.

In July, the Town of Innisfil announced the appointment of Don Eastwood to the new position of Director of Development. His initial priority is to consolidate three service areas – Planning, Building, and Economic and Community Development – into a more efficient “Development Service Area”.  The intention is to be ready to properly service the substantial commercial interest in building an urban core in Innisfil as proposed in the Inspiring Innisfil 2020 strategic plan.

Mr. Eastwood was recently Director of Economic Development with the City of Brampton.  He held posts with the Region of York as the Director of Economic Strategy, as well as the Director of Economic Development. He was also President and founding CEO of Canada’s Technology Triangle Accelerator Network Inc..

He was joined by Rachel Sullivan who comes to Innisfil as the new Economic and Community Development Officer (ECDO) to focus on generating business opportunities and future jobs for our community. She was recently one of the town’s representatives, with Don Eastwood, at the opening ceremonies in Cookstown, of Lumon, a Finnish manufacturer of innovative glass enclosures for balconies and patios.

As well, a new Interim Senior Planner has stepped in following the departure of the previous incumbent. Taken together it signals a new direction for Innisfil powered by the Inspiring Innisfil blueprint. I’ve been assured that it’s just the beginning of more initiatives to come.