Whatever Happened with …

Here’s an update on some of the topics I wrote about previously – user-pay garbage collection; Melancthon mega-quarry; and On Route highway service centre redevelopment.  My earlier articles continue to draw readers. 

Waste Management – The User-Pay Debate

After some vocal objections, Simcoe County backed away from the proposal to reduce the tax assessment for garbage collection and collect fees on a user-pay system. So those that create less garbage than average will not be rewarded but people who continue to put out more garbage than the basic allowance will be paying more. The fee for garbage tags will go to $3.00 per tag on January 1, 2012.

A circular from the County notes that about half (49.7%) of the material collected at the curb is placed as ‘garbage’ destined for landfill but only 28.3% of that is actual garbage. The rest can be recycled or composted. The County says if 10% more people used the green bin, it would have more impact than increasing the number of materials eligible for the blue box. And we only have 6 or 7 years of capacity left at landfill sites.

It appears that people regularly search Google for “Innisfil dump” . In fact, all waste management is handled by Simcoe County for member municipalities. The list of landfill sites and transfer stations is available on the County website.

Melancthon Quarry Application Getting Environmental Assessment

The mega-quarry proposal was met with vigorous opposition in the midst of the provincial election. On September 1, the Ontario Minister of the Environment announced that, “the company will be required to undertake a comprehensive Environmental Assessment for the proposed quarry in Melancthon Township.”  It will have the initial effect of at least delaying the project while the assessment takes place. The company has demolished homes and agricultural buildings at the site already, ahead of any quarry approval.

Cookstown Service Centre Open for an “Extended Period”

It’s been a year since the old Barrie service centre on the east (northbound) side of highway 400 was demolished with little progress to show so far.

A public information session was held in the spring to display the development proposal for a new service centre on the west (southbound) side of highway 400 at Cookstown. I received the following statement from the Ministry of Transportation on the status of the project: “The province continues to explore options for redevelopment of the Cookstown Service Centre and will announce details once the review is complete.  The existing Cookstown Service Centre will remain open for an extended period.”