Lights. Action. Transition!

Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows about my association with Innisfil in Transition, an organization encouraging greater local resilience to withstand the shocks of abrupt and unpredictable changes in the economy, climate and energy supply. I’d like to encourage everyone to attend the second film presentation sponsored by the Transitions group which takes place at Lakeshore Library branch on March 8 at 7:00 p.m. Admission is free. A donation is appreciated to help cover the cost.

Hijacked Future is a film about how control of seed production is falling into the hands of a few multinational corporations: “Who controls the seeds, controls the food.”  This documentary warns us that it’s an unsustainable system. It’s a system that literally runs on oil, from fertilizers and pesticides, to the trucks and planes that transport food.

The hope is that by learning more about current challenges, more people, like yourself, may be inspired to think about ways that they can make changes in their own lives, or in cooperation with their neighbours, for the better. After writing about sustainability for almost 2 years, it’s encouraging to hear about businesses that are taking a leadership role in Innisfil.

  • The owners of the Fork & Plate Restaurant, Ralph and Deb Burton, have taken steps to be both environmentally conscious and economically efficient by recycling grey water into a garden, introducing composting and sending food waste to a local farm for use as chicken feed. (Fork & Plate Goes Green, Innisfil Scope)
  • The Minto Group, a real estate, development and construction company, received two awards, 2011 Green Builder of the Year and 2011 Leader of the Year, from its peers in January.  “In 2011, Minto had 751 homes enrolled in a combination of both the ENERGY STAR® and LEED® Canada for New Homes programs. Since 2010, Minto Communities has committed to building all new homes to a standard of ENERGY STAR certification”. So far, 1,200 units have been built to that specification. In a leadership role, “Minto was recognized for exceeding voluntary program technical certification requirements in new home construction, going “above and beyond” in marketing and sales programs to drive awareness, as well as effectively integrating green into its internal culture through a dedicated division of sustainability professionals.”

Based in Ottawa, Minto is the proponent of the Innisfil North development. I’m not endorsing any proposed new development. Those types of decisions will be part of Innisfil’s Official Plan review but it is encouraging to see serious thought given to new design ideas. I’ve written previously about how the Innisfil North concept is distinctly different from the conventional suburban tracts that have been built here in recent years. (Innisfil Seeks Sustainable Solutions to Growth)

Everyone is welcome to attend the film night. It’s an opportunity to casually meet with neighbours and members of Innisfil in Transition, and consider how we can work together to build a better community.