Where Do You Want to Go? How Do You Want to Get There?

The Town of Innisfil is asking for ideas and comments from Innisfil residents concerning a Transportation Master Plan. A short survey of about a dozen questions is now available online to allow residents to express their preferences for types of transportation, potential destinations and routes. Click on Transportation Master Plan Survey to add your views and share your ideas.

An engineering consultant has been retained at a budgeted cost of $200,000 to prepare a Master Transportation Plan “to review present and future transportation requirements for the current and planned Official Plan populations”.  It is expected to:

  • assess the vehicular and pedestrian traffic requirements for the Official Plan populations and Official Plan Amendment #1 populations
  • be utilized as a background planning document for the next Development Charges Study update
  • include a needs assessment for sensitive areas
  • guide the development of the Town’s long-term transportation network including roads, sidewalks, trails and other transportation options
  • Supports the Town’s desire to develop a sustainable transportation system with protection for future transit opportunities

Work on the Plan is scheduled to begin now with an environmental assessment and will continue to the end of the year.