Our Innisfil’s Most-Read Stories from 2012

The end of 2012, approaching the eve of 2013 – it’s time to share some highlights of activity on Our Innisfil with my readers.

The Our Innisfil blog had more than 2,700 visits in 2012. There are typically about 8 visitors per day, on average, but readership has been as high as 26 per day. Since I began this blog 30 months ago in 2010, visitors have viewed various articles more than 9,000 times.

Out of the 41 stories posted this year, the most frequently read article was Innisfil, Toronto’s Forgotten Playground, February 2012

Here are the other most-read articles in 2012

Does Innifil Need Big Box Stores?, January 2012

Time to Get Tough With Developers, October 2012

Gambling on Gaming in Innisfil, May 2012

Places to Grow – More Consultation, More Growth, January 2012

Articles from previous years continued to attract some readers:

A New-Look Rest Stop for Highway Travellers, April 2011

Melancthon Quarry and Lessons from Site 41, June 2011

Will Innisfil’s Multi-Million Dollar Downtown be Stunted?, Feb 2011

Population, Growth Nodes and Intensification Targets, November 2010

Lefroy Begins Preparing for 1175 New Households, Feb 2011

All of the past year’s articles are available under the ‘Previously’ tab.  I hope to install a fresh new look at Our Innisifl in the New Year. I look forward to welcoming back readers and invite you to share your thoughts and ideas for a better Innisfil on these pages in 2013.