Inspiring Innisfil 2020 – Where Are We So Far?

Innisfl began a comprehensive strategic planning process in October 2010 and kicked off the launch with a Final Report, Inspiring Innisfil 2020, delivered to the community and Council in February 2011. That document identified a strategy of community and economic development with numerous recommendations related to agriculture, tourism, business development, heritage preservation, transportation and other issues. If you’re wondering what’s been happening over the past two years, a summary Progress Report is posted online. Town staff also presented Council with an itemized summary indicating the status of individual projects: 

  • 14 items are marked completed
  • 12 are flagged as green, meaning “moving forward on target”
  • 12 are flagged as orange, meaning “may take longer than anticipated”

It’s a handy list to browse all the topics that are being addressed. Now Council wants you to provide your thoughts on the progress of Inspiring Innisifl. Residents are invited to complete a short Community Survey which is available online, and can be also be obtained at a local Library branch. [Deadline for response: March 10] I can think of a number of things that are either directly or indirectly associated with Inspiring Innisfil:

Over the past two years, we’ve seen several fundamental initiatives work their way through the administrative process. This includes a Master Transportation Plan, a new zoning bylaw, formation of an Arts, Culture and Heritage Council, and currently a revision to the Events Planning and permit process.

We’ve seen improvements made to Innisfil Beach Park, work in progress at Leonards Beach, and plans for park improvements adjacent to Cookstown Library. Urbanization is two-thirds complete along Innisfil Beach Road, Cookstown is exploring an Historic District Designation, and new housing developments are including some public trails.

Innisfil Library has taken the lead in an ambitious goal to serve as the hub of community activity. It sponsored movie nights in the park, has introduced maker / hacker labs, digital media resources and other programs. A new, larger Lakeshore Library is on the drawing board. Community organizations banded together for Family Day and Canada Day celebrations, and community organizers mounted the first Celtic Festival in 2012. A free online business directory was launched, community job fairs have been organized, a Framers’ Market was launched and a food producers’ seminar was held recently.

Complete the Community Survey to share your thoughts on the progress of the Inspiring Innisfil 2020 strategic plan.