It’s Berry Time in Innisfil Again


2014 Update: pick your own price is $2.10/lb. (cash sales); weekday hours are 8 am to 8 pm. Check weekend hours. Bring your own containers, cooler bag might be a good idea too, and a hat for sunny days.

One of the pleasures of living in a place like Innisfil is the easy access to pick-your-own farms. Of course, June is strawberry season.  New residents of Innisfil may not realize how close they are to R-Family Farm near Cookstown, and Vissers Farms, both popular pick-your-owns in our area.

After picking my own strawberries at R Family Farm (in the photo), I happened to notice what was offered in one of our grocery stores. You could find Ontario grown strawberries from Simcoe, which is about 220 km away. The price was about 65% more per pound than local pick your own.  There were also packages of strawberries from Watsonville, California, which is about 3,600 km away. They were priced at about 23% more than pick-your-own.

I won’t go into the reasons why these differences exist. But for everyone who says they want to maintain a ‘rural’ character in Innisfil, just a reminder that we have to make agriculture here truly viable for those who actually ‘walk the walk’.  A family outing  to a pick-your-own during our short season is a simple pleasure we could all enjoy along with our berries.


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