Holland Marsh Farms Still Under Water

Update: Funding approved for dyke repair [Bradford Cares, July 5, 2013]

Most of us have been intently watching the clean up efforts in Calgary and High River, Alberta after massive flooding. But closer to home, I was surprised to learn that nothing has improved after a dyke failure on June 16 left some farms in the Holland Marsh under several feet of water. A blog in our neighbouring community, Bradford Cares, has posted pictures on July 3, which show the current situation:

Holland Marsh flood photos July 3

If you’d like to see what the area looked like before the flood, click on this earlier post to see a pre-flood photo (scroll to bottom):

Holland Marsh flood photos June 19

It was originally estimated that it would take two years or more to restore this land to productive capacity.


3 thoughts on “Holland Marsh Farms Still Under Water

    • Several people have asked me, where exactly is this in the Marsh? And what are the obstacles to making repairs and restoring the fields?



      • The Holland Marsh is between Bradford and King township. It’s basically south of Canal Road, but there are also fields near the GO Train station, which is where the flooding is now actually.
        The break has occurred twice. The first was a small breach, but the second had to do with basically a whole section falling apart.

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