Innisfil’s Special Events Policy Being Revisited

Early this year, the Town of Innisfil brought forward a new Special Events Policy for discussion. It met with a number of objections from community organizations. As a result, further consultations were held and a revised Draft Policy is expected to come to Council on August 14.  The new version is much more simplified and applies only to events that take place on Town property (i.e. – roadways, sidewalks, parks, public lands, land adjacent to community centres, road allowances, road ends).

While the original draft tried to be all inclusive, the policy proposes that a Special Event Permit will now only be required if any two of three criteria apply:

  • Alcohol will be served;
  • The duration of the event is at least 6 hours; and/or if
  • Attendance levels are forecasted at 300 patrons or more

Even where no permit is required organizers are responsible for adhering to all existing “municipal, provincial and national by- laws and laws”.

The permit application process will be coordinated centrally through the Innisfil Customer Service desk. Organizers will receive a customized checklist of applicable requirements, after other departments such as fire, police or parks, are consulted as needed. Space and date allocations will be made on a first-come basis.

More detailed information about specific requirements related to building code, insurance, security, alcohol, site plan, vendors and waste management, etc. have been separated into a Special Events Supplementary Guide which organizers can obtain and consult as needed.

Whether or not a Special Event Permit is required, Town staff can continue to be consulted on possible scheduling conflicts, or potential disruptions due to planned road works, or other issues.