Alcona Streetscape Construction Ends (Soon)

The Town held a Ceremonial Walk to celebrate the (near) conclusion of streetscape construction in Alcona after 3 years of seasonal work. I wasn’t able to take part but enlisted some help to mark the occasion with some pictures … 


Pipes and drums led the crowd to Crossroads Plaza

Members of Council and the public, accompanied by pipes and drums, walked from the former Shoppers’ Drug Mart location to Crossroads Plaza where they were treated to a free breakfast.


Residents enjoyed a free breakfast

The crowd was also entertained by local talent:


A young man sings for the crowd

Now the focus shifts to the eventual development of a commercial core for Innisfil along the reconstructed roadway. One of the first projects will be the Lakeshore Branch of Innisfil Public Library. It will be temporarily relocating to the former Shoppers Drug Mart building once renovations are made there. (The move planned for this week is on hold “until further notice”) The existing library building will be completely renovated and enlarged to become a major focus for community activities. That project may be complete by the end of 2014.