A Call to Organize a Community Garden in Innisfil

Our gardens may be hibernating on the verge of real winter weather, but gardeners never do. Those attending the annual general meeting of the Gilford and District Horticultural Society (GDHS) learned that two local Master Gardeners have initiated an effort to organize a Community Garden with individual garden allotments for anyone who would like to grow their own vegetables.

The committee so far has a volunteer from each horticultural society (Gilford & Painswick) and two or three representatives from other community groups are being sought. They would also like to hear from any other interested Innisfil residents who might like to help in some way or want a plot, especially anyone with past experience with a community garden.

So far, they are gauging general community interest, seeking to organize a committee to manage its use, and a possible location is being considered. In concept, it would consist of individual plots measuring 7.5 metres by 3 metres (25 ft. x 10 ft.) with some walkways between.

Organizers anticipate many benefits:

  • gardening promotes nutritional health and encourages physical activity
  • a sense of community is fostered when  people are brought together with a common interest
  • The gardens can be an educational resource by growing vegetables suited to different culture and tastes
  • this diversity may encourage sharing of recipes and how to cook foods unfamiliar to some
  • Growing a garden teaches folks to think sustainably and use long-term problem solving skills

Not everyone has enough garden space or the best conditions for growing vegetables. If you would like to contact the organizers about participating in this project, send an email to either of the following:

John Craw,  jonbon@bell.net
Judith Rogers,  lavendercottage.rogers@gmail.com