Innisfil’s ideaLab … Revealed!


The former Shopper’s Drug Mart property (873 Innisfil Beach Rd.) that has been sitting empty for too long opened yesterday under a new identity as the Innisfil Public Library’s IdeaLab. The building was rumoured to be a temporary library location while the Lakeshore Branch was renovated and enlarged. But the branch may not be moving during construction after all. Instead IdeaLab is unlike anything 

you might imagine to be associated with the word, “library”. Idealab is chock full of exciting hands-on creative tools, devices, machines and computers as well as gaming consoles (with a gi-normous screen) to play your game or one of theirs, giant green screen for photos and filming (+ digital media and editing tools), performance space (with mics, guitars, drums), comfy loungers, coffee machine and yes, some books. Anyone can drop-in or make an appointment for your choice of equipment. You can have a go at the machines with training and supervision for safety.  The guide says various machines are for ages 7, 10 or 12 and older depending on the device but some of us older designers, builders, crafters, and tinkerers might be just as eager as the younger set to ‘play’ with these. Here are some of the amazing things to get your hands on:

3D Design and Printing

The 3D printing machine has moved from the library to its own design and printing space. Users can design a 3D object in 2 colours and print 2 copies on the Replicator (Age 12+, $2)

Laser Cutting

Design, then cut or engrave your creation such as a holiday ornament with this laser cutting machine. (Age 10+, $2)

Soldering and Circuitry

There are several soldering stations to learn soldering and create your own circuitry. (Age 10+, $3)

Vinyl Cutting

The same colourful and durable vinyl used for signage. Try your hand at designing and cutting your own decals (Age 10+, $2)

For those that want to perform or would like to experience local talent, Open Mic is being held on December 3, and a Holiday Jam Session with songs and/or sing-along is set for December 18. Both at 7 p.m. I expect IdeaLab will be the place to gather for a lot of people. It’s open 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesday to Friday, and Saturday 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Warning: likely to encounter BIG ideas! Be inspired or be inspiring…