Looking Back at the Year That Was

WordPress (supplier of this blog platform) provides bloggers with an annual summary of reader activity, which I share at this time of year. In total, I wrote 44 blog posts last year. In 2013, Our Innisfil attracted more than 3,500 views of articles. On average, this blog had 10 views per day. Entering 2014, I’ve completed 3 1/2 years of writing here.

The bulk of the visitors have come from Canada, and I’d like to think, mostly from Innisfil. But surprisingly, visitors dropped by from 46 countries around the world. Somewhat puzzling to me for a “local” community blog.

My most frequently read articles were: 

Proposed OnRoute Service Centre Relocation
A New Look Rest-Stop for Highway Travellers
Innisfil’s IdeaLab  … Revealed
It’s Berry Time in Innisfil Again
Innisfil Heights – Innisfil’s Next Development Frontier
Lefroy Begins Preparing for 1,175 New Households

You’re invited to contribute your comments anytime. My posts are intended to initiate some wider discussion among Innisfil residents. Hearing your thoughts would add another dimension. In the meantime, I’m exploring some ideas to keep this blog fresh and interesting in the year ahead. Please come again.

Happy New Year, everyone!