A Personal Appeal to My Readers

Normally I would reserve this space for my usual discussion of urban issues in Innisfil. Lately I have been following the distressing events in Ukraine. Protests against the arbitrary actions of the government have been met with force, brutality and death. In the face of crimes against humanity, it cannot be ‘business as usual’. If you are in Canada or one of the 43 other countries that stop by to read this blog, please read on and lend your assistance. Read Amnesty International’s article, “Ukraine’s New Charter for Oppression” for  background.

The following account directly from Ukraine graphically explains the horrific situation, and the writer makes a plea to However you can, disseminate, to the extent your contacts and possibilities allow, this appeal”:

The Situation in Ukraine

I have started a petition at Change.org calling on the Ukrainian president to resign. If you are as moved as I am, help me make this petition known as widely as possible. Let Ukrainians know that the world is watching and cares what happens. A rally is being held in Toronto at Nathan Phillips Square on Sunday at 3:00 p.m.

For me it is personal. My grandfather came to Canada in 1928 from Ukraine because of the poverty, oppression and injustice that existed in the centuries before him. My life in Canada is a direct result. Eighty-six years later, I cannot claim to be Ukrainian but I share a strong emotional and cultural bond. Enough is enough! Ukrainians in the 21st century are entitled to freedom, justice and self-determination in their own land. Maybe you can help.


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  1. Thanks for posting this. Like you, I am also of Ukrainian heritage. As a result of your post, myself and two friends attended the rally. It was well attended and the group was vocal and very passionate. There were speeches from MP’s MPP’s and others. I skyped my family in Ukraine the day before and everyone is very uncertain and fearful of the future of the government and the country. This Kleptocracy must be stopped.

    • Thanks for your support. My petition at Change.org calling on the Ukrainian President to resign has reached 400 signatures today. Let’s keep up the momentum.

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