Thanks Enbridge, for the Wake-Up Call

Enbridge Gas requested a 40% increase in the price of natural gas to begin April 1 and it has been approved by the Ontario Energy Board this week. We should really thank them for confirming that the price of fossil fuels is too volatile to be sustainable.  The increase would add $400 to a household using 3,000 cubic metres of gas annually. It applies to those gas-fired electric power plants too, so expect an impact on electric bills. And that’s before tax. (Maybe now you’ll be glad that two gas plants were cancelled).

With spring weather, our need for gas will begin to subside and we’ll have about six months to get serious about reducing our need for natural gas in next winter’s season. We’re going to pay one way or another. Conserving is an investment that will pay dividends. Consuming is a perpetual expense.

Readers of this blog know that a well-constructed and smartly designed house can virtually eliminate the need for a conventional furnace. It begins with insulation, more insulation, and insulation. Some other strategies include:

  • Make use of south facing windows for solar heat gain
  • Improve seals around windows and doors
  • Add solar window film to reduce heat loss, improve solar gain
  • Upgrade windows to double or triple glazing
  • Passive solar panels can provide free supplemental heating during daylight hours
  • Consider other solar technologies:
    Solar hydronic heating can collect heat and transfer it to a circulating fluid
    Solar electric (PV) panels can reverse electric charges (net metering) to offset other higher energy costs

If we start planning now, do you think maybe we can cut Enbridge’s bottom line by 40%?


3 thoughts on “Thanks Enbridge, for the Wake-Up Call

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  2. Its sad how the taxpayer is being held accountable when we should not be, it should be the politicians that created this mess because of an election.

    • All 3 political parties pledged to cancel the gas plants. The outcome was inevitable. I blame the NIMBY residents for opposing, not proposing. I notice Enbridge spent more than $1 billion on cleaning up an oil spill in the U.S. That couldn’t have anything to do with a rate hike either, could it.

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