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I’ve compiled some numbers from Ontario’s Municipal Performance Measurement Program (MPMP) and can begin posting this information comparing Innisfil’s published results with overall measures for similar municipalities and with aggregate results for all municipalities. (See my previous post, How Does Innisfil Measure Up?)

MPMP is a set of standard benchmarks used to assess the efficiency of service (how much does it cost?) and effectiveness of a service (how well is it provided?). In my tables, “efficiency” or “effectiveness” is shown beside the service.

Here’s my first table examining the cost of “General Governance”:


For now, I’m not going to comment on the numbers. I’ll give my readers some time to absorb this information and develop their own conclusions. But I will explain some of the format:

The type of measurement and the value being used to measure it appear at the top of the table.

To which municipalities is Innisfil compared?
MPMP calculates aggregate data for similar sized municipalities. Innisfil is grouped as a “lower-tier” municipality in the South region. I have selected data for those with population of 20,000 to 39,999. Click to view the list of South 2011 municipalities in this category.

I’ve added a separate page for Innisfil by the Numbers and will be making periodic additions of tables there for specific municipal services. There is also a new tab on the menu bar above, and you may want to bookmark the link to view the latest posted figures.

What is the median value?
The median is the mid-point value. Half of the municipalities are above and half are below this figure. I have included the range of highest and lowest reported values for reference.

Why are some numbers missing?
Innisfil’s MPMP data  is not available for 2010 has been updated. Aggregate data for Ontario is only available up to 2011 so far.


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  1. The blog indicates that the 2010 info is not available but the report is on the Town’s website at: For future requirements it would be suggested to contact Town staff for missing information and/or assistance. However, it was noted that the Province has not included the 2010 info in the multi-year report they have posted on the MPMP page. They have been contacted to correct this omission of information.

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