Rooftop Wind Power Has Finally Arrived


Residential Ridgeblade installation


Commercial Ridgeblade installation

A compact, quiet and efficient roof-top wind energy system is now in commercial launch phase. I first wrote about this prize-winning UK based company, Ridgeblade, in 2011 when the technology was still under development. The company has designed two units, one for commercial use and one for residential use. Both systems are intended to be retrofitted into the existing built environment. Performance specifications for both are now posted on their website and the company is looking for international distributors. (Update: Libra Energy has been named exclusive distributor for France, Germany, Holland, Belgium & Luxembourg)

This has the potential to change the way many of us view renewable energy, especially for those of us living around Lake Simcoe. Wind power is no longer the realm of faceless corporations and giant “wind farms”. This innovation negates the existing health, cost and esthetic objections about giant turbines. This technology combines energy producer and energy consumer in the same location. I can hardly wait to set my electric meter spinning backwards! The company claims the technology is affordable but no pricing information is available yet.


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