Candidates Debate, Nantyr Shores, October 20

I think municipal elections are exhausting. Thank goodness I’m not a political candidate. Residents are being encouraged to vote early – either by mail or online. Let’s hope people are paying attention to the voting kit and instructions for this year’s election.

  • Voters using the mail-in option have to seal their completed ballot in a separate envelope (provided) and also sign a ‘declaration’, which is mailed with the sealed ballot in a second envelope (provided). Mailed ballots must be delivered at the Town Hall by October 27 to be counted.
  • The voting kit includes an individual access code for those who choose to vote online. Instructions suggest not waiting too close to October 27 to avoid a potential internet ‘traffic jam’ at the last minute.

For those who haven’t yet voted, the Innisfil Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring a candidates’ debate at Nantyr Shores Secondary School on October 20, from 6:00 to 9:30 p.m.

This time around, we have a full slate of candidates contesting most positions. The choice depends on how well you feel the current incumbents have represented you; the persuasiveness of their challengers; your view of events in the last four years; and your expectations for the future.

It seems there’s never been a shortage of things for residents to complain about. And that’s true during this campaign too. I’ve been around long enough not to get too worked up about most of them. I would have preferred a more positive campaign approach from challengers. I’m not convinced about the accusation being made of waste, and disappointed with one candidate’s use of the ‘gravy train’ epithet. As a regular and enthusiastic supporter of the library, I also think some people’s characterization of the Lakeshore library branch construction as a waste is totally bogus.

Plan to attend the debate if you’d like to know more before casting your vote.