Public Meeting: Hwy 400 Transportation Juggernaut


Study Area Map

The public is invited to an “informal drop-in” session to review the approved plan, “identified in 2004”, for massive “improvements” to Highway 400 between Highway 89 and Highway 11 north of Barrie.

This public information session (the first of two) is being held at the Holiday Inn, Fairview Rd, Barrie on Tuesday November 25, 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. The planned highway improvements include:  

Wider Highway Corridor, 8 to 10 lanes

  • 89 to Essa Road: expansion to 8 lanes, with provision for expansion to 10 lanes. The centre line would be shifted west. The 10 lane expansion provision would include 1 HOV lane.
  • Essa Road to Bayfield: expansion to 10 lanes
  • Bayfield St. north to Highway 11, expansion to 8 lanes

New Interchanges, with provision for potential 10 lane expansion

  • 400 at 89: standard partial cloverleaf interchange (Parclo A)
  • 400 at Innisfil Beach Rd: standard partial cloverleaf interchange (Parclo A)
  • 400 at Molson Park: “operational improvements”
  • 400 at Essa Rd: “geometric improvements”
  • 400 at Dunlop St: “geometric improvements”
  • 400 at Bayfield (northbound): “geometric improvements”
  • 400 at Duckworth St.: “geometric improvements”

Additional Features

  • Continuous concrete median barrier
  • Noise barriers “where warranted”
  • High-mast illumination north of Molson Park to Duckworth St.
  • Replace median sewer
  • Repave existing section of Hwy 400
  • New commuter parking at Highway 89

Design Update Study – Bridge Replacement

  • MTO is conducting a Design Update Study for “advanced replacement” of:
  • 4th Line (Churchill Sideroad) bridge
  • 6th Line bridge
  • Barrie-Collingwood Railway bridge
  • 10th Line (McKay Road) bridge

I can’t think of a more colossal waste of public funds (“Preliminary construction costs will be developed as part of this study…”). This plan was out of date 10 years ago. Any expansion in this corridor should be for the addition of electrified mass rail transportation which would intersect with every major east-west route south of Barrie and connect with existing GO Transit routes. But that’s just me. What do you think?