How Would You Spend the Town Budget?


The Town of Innisfil is inviting residents to complete a survey that allows you to adjust budgeted amounts up or down according to you preferences and comment on why you chose to do so. It can be accessed at We’d Like Your Two Cents

You’ll find a summary of activities performed by each major department such as Roads, Fire Service, Bylaw Enforcement, Administration, etc. For each one, you’ll see a dollar amount budgeted for operations which you can adjust up or down. There is space to comment on your choice for each segment.

When you’re done, the summary provides you with an overall summary of how your choices would impact your tax bill , up or down, in dollars and percent. Finally, you’ll also see a percentage summary of what choices respondents in total made.

Considering how common ‘on the street’ and online complaining seems to be, and this election’s dramatic change in Council members it comes as a bit of a surprise that most survey responders accepted proposed budget amounts ‘as is’ with no changes. Remarkable!


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