Horticulture Student Bursary

As a gardener and member of the local horticultural society, I’d like to help spread the word that District 16 (Simcoe County) of the Ontario Horticultural Association (OHA) provides an annual Award to a student enrolled in a post-secondary horticultural program of at least 2 years.

Horticultural students in Simcoe County can apply for the Dr. Ives Horticultural Fund of District 16. This Award was established in 1976 to honour Dr. Raymond Ives of Stayner, a respected horticulturalist and family physician. “This award is intended to encourage the study of horticulture at the post-secondary level by students with homes in Simcoe County.”

“When there is a shortage of applications for two year horticultural students; students enrolled in a post-secondary horticultural course shorter than 2 years, in an independent horticultural course of study or in environmental and conservation programs are eligible for a reduced award.”

Applications are being accepted until October 15. For more information, visit the Ontario Horticultural Society, Dr. Ives Horticultural Award or download the Application Form: DIHA.


6 thoughts on “Horticulture Student Bursary

      • Last year’s grade 6 students at Alcona Glen Elementary school planted a spectacular vegetable garden that will be harvested this week and vegetables given away to charity. There are huge carrots, parsnips ,beets, cabbages leeks, squashes, pumpkins and watermelon. Hopefully some of these students may become interested in Horticulture in the future. Regards Ross Pityk

      • Ross, thanks for your note. The students, and their teachers, deserve our congratulations and admiration for an excellent job. One of the previous award winners went on to conduct research on bees. Great things begin with small seeds!

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