Stupid Is as Stupid Does

The Town of Innisfil is spending more than $100,000 on an appalling act of civic vandalism by tearing out a series of landscaped medians east of St. John’s Road. It’s clear that whatever faint vision existed for this town is dead under the current municipal regime.

The Council says it is correcting ‘mistakes’. The Innisfil Journal quoted one resident commenting on Facebook that “Never in my life have I seen a main road end up being a single lane” [actually one each way plus a centre lane]. The poor lady should get out more. Apparently she’s never seen Cookstown, Alliston, Stayner and a host of other Ontario main streets. It’s just further proof that this is being driven (literally) by ignorance, not facts.

We should be concerned with this Council’s contempt for the studies, work and planning objectives of the previous Council. Equally disturbing, we are back to the old practice (during the Jackson tenure) of making significant decisions with only cursory public notice and discussion.

I’m conscious of the fact that some of these councillors are the same ones who voted to sell an ‘environmentally protected’ town property at Innisfil Beach Park (now appropriately named Park Rd.) to a developer as ‘surplus’ in 2012. Although the price was never disclosed, a press report suggested the Town received $61,000 for land that currently holds a row of new houses. Like I said, lack of vision considering the usage pressures the park is experiencing just 3 years later.

The only mistake made was at the ballot box. This street ‘uglification’ project marks a new low. For the first time, I feel ashamed of Innisfil.