Planning for Place-Making

Residents have spent quite a few years “visioning” their community. First came the strategic plan, Inspiring Innisfil. Now, the successor project, “Our Place, Innisfil” seeks to identify specific spaces within Innisfil to develop into active multi-use, multi-season hubs of neighbourhood activity. We now have a “Community Engagement Feedback” report that spells out what residents say they want.

Reading between the lines, several findings point to a common yearning among all ages for a stronger sense of community – places to gather, meet, socialize and form relationships. One comment in particular expressed it poignantly: “Innisfil needs to become the family that it is…”. Here are some of the “key messages” from residents: 

Preserve the Community Character

  • Residents want to retain the village or small town atmosphere of its constituent settlements like Cookstown, Lefroy and Alcona while preserving its agricultural and rural landscape.

Celebrate Innisfil’s Arts, Culture …

  • “Residents … would like to see more investment in live music and plays, theatres …”

More Activities and Places for Youth;
More Gathering Places

  • “A ‘teen hang out’ was frequently mentioned, such as a coffeehouse or non-alcoholic bar with live music … Greater youth involvement in the planning process could lead to more jobs and positive activities for youth, both indoors and out.”
  • “Residents would like to see more community gathering places, both large and small, both for a variety of events such as a music festival or outdoor performance and simply to have more spontaneous interaction …”

Get Life on Streets; More Food Options

  • “Suggestions included quick food options for teens, sit down restaurants for families and adults, coffeehouses for more social interaction, outdoor dining opportunities, and food trucks at events.”

Proximity; Connectivity; Transit; Mobility

  • “Residents value the community centres, … that have offered a wide range of uses and activities within easy walking distance of each other, where housing, shopping, recreation, entertainment, and civic uses can be easily reached on foot.”
  • “Bike lanes and trails to connect settlements and create opportunities for both active and passive use are in high demand.”
  • “Residents of all ages, but particularly the youth, expressed a desire for public transit to connect the settlements in Innisfil …”

The report summarizes in greater detail the suggestions made by residents for the types of facilities, amenities and places they’d like to see developed at different locations. For more information, Background reports, Feedback Report and Discussion documents are available at:

Our Place Innisfil