Trigger Change – Ban Handguns

Update: About 1,500 more Ontario residents have added their names to the petition in the week following this article. Please continue to spread the word.

As a matter of conscience, I have to add my voice to the campaign to ban hand guns and assault weapons in Canada. A national media campaign called Trigger Change is under way to urge Canadians to sign a petition with this objective. It is a project of the Coalition for Gun Control.

This online petition is directed to the House of Commons on the Parliamentary web site. The petition is open until March 2, 2019. So far, more than 2,700 residents of Ontario have signed this petition after a brief mention in the news media.

Violence doesn’t know any boundaries. Increasingly irrational incidents involving hand guns and assault weapons are alarmingly more common. If you’d like to stand up to it and add your voice for sensible change, this is the time and the opportunity.


First Nations of Simcoe County

Innisfil is named in reference to its Irish settlers and was itself formed through the amalgamation of a group of smaller European settlements. But through the Friends of the Library I recently learned of a new online resource, First Nations of Simcoe County, which provides an introduction to the Indigenous societies inhabiting the geographic region that we call Simcoe County today.

The history of contact with First Nations has been tragic in so many ways. We are just beginning to learn about the reality of the last few hundred years of European settlement. I encourage everyone to visit this site for greater insight into the original inhabitants of this region.

Innisfil This Week

On Saturday, October 20, Friends of the Library is hosting a Craft and Book Sale, also at Lakeshore Branch, from 10 a.m.

Voting in the municipal election closes at 8:00 pm on Monday, October 22. The Innisfil Journal reports that only 8% of residents had voted so far, earlier this week.

On Tuesday, October 23, Clint Lovell, author of The Boys From Barrie and Regret To Inform You, will be at the Cookstown branch of the library to  share stories of local soldiers in the First World War as well as some recent memorial activities with his students. He is a recipient of the Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence. Copies of Clint’s books Regret to Inform You ($25) and The Boys From Barrie ($20) will be available for purchase. This event has been generously sponsored by the Friends of the Library.


Meet Your Neighbours

Innisfil welcomes many new residents every year. With work and family obligations it may be difficult to meet neighbours or engage more widely with your community. To help address this, the Town of Innisfil is hosting a series of “Neighbourhood Nights” to help new and old residents get acquainted. The evening includes “games and activities for all ages”.

The first Neighboorhood gathering was held on August 1 in south Alcona. All of the Neighboorhood Nights take place from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Three more are scheduled for Wednesday evenings at 6:30 p.m.:

August 15 – Gilford (Shore Acres Dr. & Neilly Rd.)

August 22 – Stroud (Dempster Park)

September 12 – Alcona (Nantyr Shores Secondary School)

Innisfil Journal also reports that a new resident of Innisfil, Sonia DaSilva, is also sponsoring a Community Potluck, on her own initiative, in Alcona on Saturday, August 25 at Innisfil Lions Hall (Innisfil Beach Rd) starting at 1:00 pm. Those attending are asked to bring their favourite dish.

Movie Night – Friday

Innisfil IdeaLab & Library presents “Fresh Air Flicks”, movie nights at the park – Innisfil Beach Park. This Friday, July 13 it’s the Pixar animated film, Monsters Inc. (rain day, 14th) Bring your lawn chairs and a blanket.

The fun begins with music at 7:00 pm and the movie starts around 9:00 pm. Check the website for the whole summer line-up:

Fresh Air Flicks


Get Involved Innisfil

We have an online resource to share our “great” ideas with municipal leaders and planners but I don’t know how many residents in Innisfil are aware of it. I’m referring to Get Involved Innisfil.

Site visitors can browse and read about other people’s ideas and suggestions, contribute their own ideas on how to improve Innisfil, and vote for the ideas they like. Some young people shared their ideas to have more activities for them like trampoline, paint ball, and movies as well as some casual places to hang out. Others would like more trails and bikeways to connect neighbourhoods. And there are suggestions for more festivals and musical events, especially in summer.

This is a novel resource to learn about and share ideas. It’s important because it could help build support, steer funding and gather volunteers to specific projects. What’s your great idea? What suggestions would you vote for? What ideas would you be willing to volunteer a few hours for? I have no idea how many Innisfil residents have already registered on this site. If you haven’t yet, please do – and share your ideas with all of us.