Looking Back at the Year That Was

WordPress (supplier of this blog platform) provides bloggers with an annual summary of reader activity, which I share at this time of year. In total, I wrote 44 blog posts last year. In 2013, Our Innisfil attracted more than 3,500 views of articles. On average, this blog had 10 views per day. Entering 2014, I’ve completed 3 1/2 years of writing here.

The bulk of the visitors have come from Canada, and I’d like to think, mostly from Innisfil. But surprisingly, visitors dropped by from 46 countries around the world. Somewhat puzzling to me for a “local” community blog.

My most frequently read articles were:  Continue reading


Our Innisfil and that other thing

I guess I should be flattered that the Innisfil Journal has chosen the name of this blog for the cover title of its annual glossy ‘community guide’ publication. But just to clarify for their readers and mine, this blog, Our Innisfil, and the Facebook page, Our Innisfil, and the media listing, Our Innisfil, on the town’s Business and Community Directory have no association whatever with the Innisfil Journal or its publisher, Metroland Media. If you’re reading something called Our Innisfil online, it’s most likely published by me. Continue reading

Welcome to 2013

Christmas lights in the dark bring cheer to the night,

Friends talk and they sing and they feast,

So smile and join hands, and take a deep breath,

Light returns, fires warm and there’s peace.

(excerpt from ‘Celebration’, with thanks to David C.)

Happy New Year to my readers with best wishes for 2013!

Our Innisfil’s Most-Read Stories from 2012

The end of 2012, approaching the eve of 2013 – it’s time to share some highlights of activity on Our Innisfil with my readers.

The Our Innisfil blog had more than 2,700 visits in 2012. There are typically about Continue reading

New Projects for Innisfil Readers

I’ve added a few more “Project” pages to the blog menu as a way for readers to interact and contribute to this blog and make it more of an online community gathering place. Visitors have viewed blog entries more than 5,000 times so far. Share your ideas with Our Innisfil readers, and share this blog site with your  neighbours and friends.

  • Historic Trees of Innisfil

Contribute to a photographic library of historic trees in Innifil by submitting a photo.

  • Gardeners’ Exchange

As an avid gardener, I want to encourage residents to care for, and enjoy their natural surroundings. You’re invited to use this page to exchange garden plants and meet your fellow Innisfil gardeners in the process.

  • Opportunity Innisfil

What kind of new businesses and services would you like to have in Innisfil? Here’s your chance to suggest new uses for currently vacant properties. Post a comment under a photo, or send in a photo of a vacant building that would be a great opportunity for … ???