Prices – They Are a Changing

Real estate prices have been in the headlines lately. Buying mania has reached our Innisfil neck of the woods over the last couple of years but I doubt foreign buyers are involved. Looking back over some figures, my property tax increased 73% in the last 16 years (an average of 3.7% per year); “market value” assessment increased by 133% (about 6.3% a year); but the current speculative market value of my property has increased about 500% (or more?) based on real estate agents’ estimates and recent home sales in the area. That’s about 10%/year compounded rate of appreciation.

We get approached about listing our home possibly once a week by mail or in person. I’m told that some real estate agents Continue reading


Carbon is the New Tobacco

If we could tax tobacco to save our lungs, it seems just as legitimate to tax carbon to save the planet and ourselves. A recent report, commissioned by more than 20 governments, estimated 5 million deaths wordwide are due to climate change annually, mostly in impoverished countries. So it was interesting to witness the hysteria coming from the government benches in Parliament over the idea.

There are three approaches out there: Continue reading