Cookstown Heritage District – for the Greater Good

My father used to say that the purpose of government was to create “the greatest good for the greatest number”. Coincidentally, the motto of Simcoe County is “For the Greater Good”. That perspective seemed to be missing from the public consultations held on November 26 for the proposed creation of a Cookstown Heritage District. According to press reports, about 100 residents attended the last meeting in Cookstown, with a number of people voicing opposition to the idea. Continue reading


Cookstown Consults on Historic District Designation

Cookstown is Innisfil’s historic village that has always treasured its identity including the 19th century architecture and historic homes that have survived, with some exceptions, into the 21st century. Residents of Cookstown are invited to a public meeting (Cookstown Library) on Tuesday, February 19 at 6:30 pm to consider whether some portion of the village should be designated as an Historic District. Continue reading

Mapping an Historic Conservation District within Cookstown

Among the dozens of action items arising from the Inspiring Innisfil strategic plan that Town staff are working through, is the recommendation to designate parts of Cookstown as an Historic Conservation District:

  • Investigate the establishment of one or more Heritage Conservation District(s). Cookstown is a strong candidate …  Continue reading