OnRoute Service Centre Update

The Ministry of Transportation and the project manager have issued an update on the status of the Cookstown OnRoute service centre project. An updated Environmental Assessment Study has been completed and is available for public view and comment until March 27 at the Cookstown Public Library, Town of Innisfil, County of Simcoe and the Ministry of Transportation.

The new study was prompted by a need to relocate the service centre between the 4th and 5th lines of Innisfil adjacent to Highway 400 southbound. The project encompasses the construction of a new service centre, parking areas, drainage and stormwater management infrastructure, and mitigation measures to reduce the impact to the surrounding environment.

This essentially brings the relocated project to the same stage that it was at in April, 2011. OnRoute service centres typically include the following features: picnic area, outdoor seating, pet area, free WIFI, truck & RV parking, LEED Certified Silver building, water efficient landscaping, waterless urinals, and energy efficient equipment. The Ministry of Transportation estimates the Cookstown site will be fully open by summer of 2015. It is the last of 20 service centres to be redeveloped.


Whatever Happened with …

Here’s an update on some of the topics I wrote about previously – user-pay garbage collection; Melancthon mega-quarry; and On Route highway service centre redevelopment.  My earlier articles continue to draw readers.  Continue reading